Who sells Shiner Bock?

Walmart Grocery – Shiner Bock, 12 pack, 12 fl oz.

Is Shiner Bock only sold in Texas?

Spoetzl Brewery is a brewery located in Shiner, Texas, U.S. It produces a diverse line of Shiner Beers, including their flagship Shiner Bock, a dark lager that is now distributed countrywide. Spoetzl Brewery.

The Spoetzl brewery, Shiner, Texas
Website www. shiner.com

Can I order Shiner beer online?

Shiner Beers – Buy Online | Drizly. Beer, wine and liquor delivered to your doorstep.

Does Walmart sell Shiner Bock?

Walmart Grocery – Shiner Bock, 6 pack, 12 fl oz bottles.

What beer is similar to Shiner Bock?

If you like: Shiner Bock Try: Saint Arnold Santo Santo is what Saint Arnold founder Brock Wagner calls a “Black K├Âlsch,” and it, much like Shiner Bock, has roots in classic German brewing. Regulars of Bock will find familiar caramel notes and a very similar crisp finish.

Is Shiner Bock beer?

About Shiner Bock A year-round bock lager made with roasted barley malt and German hops. Brewed by Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. Owned by The Gambrinus Company of San Antonio, Texas.

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Is Shiner Bock beer good?

With low bitterness, it finishes semi-sweet with caramel notes lingering well into the aftertaste. Although fruitier than a typical lager and a bit too heavy-handed with the caramel malt, Shiner Bock is a fine introductory lager for the general populace.

What is the best bock beer?

Our 10 Favorite Bocks To Drink In May

  • Sprecher Brewing Company: Mai Bock.
  • Berkshire Brewing Company: Maibock Lager.
  • Jack’s Abby Brewing: Maibock Hurts Like Helles.
  • Victory Brewing Company: St.
  • New Glarus Brewing Company: Cabin Fever Bock.
  • New Belgium Brewing: Hoppy Bock Lager.
  • Rogue Ales: Dead Guy Ale.
  • Abita Brewing Company: Andygator.

Does Michelob still make Amber Bock?

The Michelob website doesn’t even list the Amberbock, but has a AmberMax – not the same beer. It appears the original Michelob brand is still produced but the marketing doesn’t recognize it.

What’s the alcohol content of Shiner Bock?

Shiner Bock, the company’s No. 1 brand (it accounts for about 75 percent of sales), contains one-third corn grits, says Mauric. This is a bock in the American sense of a dark lager, rather than the German meaning of a strong lager. (At 4.4 percent alcohol by volume, it’s less potent than a Budweiser.)

Is Shiner Bock a Vienna lager?

Every drop of Shiner Beer is brewed in Shiner, Texas, by a handful of local craftsmen who take pride in their classic Shiner Bock. Registered Customers.

ABV 4.4
Style Vienna Lager
Food Pairing This Vienna Lager is best paired with German and Latin American cuisine or pork.

Does Shiner Bock come in cans?

Shiner Bock Beer – 12pk/12 fl oz Cans.

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