Is Iron City beer still made?

On June 11, 2009, it was reported that the brewery was moving their production to Latrobe, Pennsylvania. That move was completed and Iron City is now produced in the former Latrobe Brewery that was once used to produce Rolling Rock. Iron City Brewing Company.

Pittsburgh Historic Designation
Designated 1979


What is the alcohol content in Iron City beer?

– Iron City Beer. 4.5% ABV.

What does Iron City beer taste like?

Built on 150 years of brewing experience, Iron City Beer boasts notes of sweet corn and smooth, crisp barley malt for a dry finish with very little bitterness. Unofficially, the official beer of the United States of America, American is enjoyed for its classic, crisp taste and refreshing value.

Who makes IC Light beer?

I.C. Light brewed by Pittsburgh Brewing Co. This brew has an ABV of 4.15% The brew pours out a nice amber color with a small white head.

Which city is known as Iron City?

It is a minor nickname for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Is Iron City beer a lager?

Iron City Beer is a traditional American Lager brewed in classic Pittsburgh style.

What percent is IC Light Mango?

It’s an interesting and enjoyable light beer that would be perfect for summer, and at just 3.8% ABV you could drink a few if you wanted to.

How many carbs are in Iron City beer?

Premium light beer that embodies all things black and gold. Crisply refreshing with 95 calories and 2.8 carbs.

How much is a case of Iron City?

Budweiser $18.99 $25.99
Iron City (Reg & Light) $16.99 $24.99
Keystone (Reg & Ice)
Keystone Light
Killians Red $24.99


How many calories are in a IC Light?

I.C. Light is now the official beer of the Pittsburgh Marathon. With only 95 calories and 2.8 carbs, We’ll see you at the finish line.

Where can I buy beer in Pittsburgh?

Alcohol Near Me: Where to Buy Liquor, Beer, Wine Online in PA

  • Pennsylvania Libations (2103 Penn Ave)
  • Wigle Whiskey (2401 Smallman Street)
  • Maggie’s Farm Rum (3212a Smallman St)
  • Kingfly Spirits (2613 Smallman St)
  • Pittsburgh Winery (2710 Penn Ave)
  • Cinderlands Beer (2601 Smallman St)

What does IC Light taste like?

IC Light is the only premium light beer that embodies all things black and gold. One of the healthiest beers around, IC Light is low on calories and carbs, but full on flavor with a super smooth, light malt taste that is crisply refreshing.

Where is IC Light made?

The company’s flagship beers — Iron City, IC Light, IC Light Mango, Old German Premium Lager, American and American Light, and Block House Brewing Summer Break — now made in Latrobe will be produced at the new facility, Pittsburgh Brewing spokeswoman Anna Angotti said.

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