What type of beer is Franziskaner?

Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier is noted for its agreeable level of carbonation, its natural cloudiness, and its refreshing spicy and fruity flavor. It is brewed from wheat malt, barely malt, hops, top-fermenting yeast and water. This Hefeweizen style beer is best paired with German cuisine or salads, fish, and shellfish.

What percent alcohol is Franziskaner Weissbier?

Franziskaner Weissbier has 11.8° Plato wort and 5.0% of alcohol by volume. Doppelbock Optimator has 7.6% of alcohol by volume.

What does Franziskaner taste like?


Style Wheat Beer
Appearance Blonde, puffy white head, steady carbonation
Aroma Fruity, citrusy orange and lemon, clean malt
Taste Spicy yeast, wheat, lemons, banana
Taste tag elegant & spicy

Is Franziskaner good beer?

Pours beautiful golden with amazing head. Smells of banana aroma. Taste is classic Weissbier. A great beer overall!

Is Spaten beer good?

Spaten Premium Lager is a reasonable beer. It is highly drinkable and fairly similar to other beers in its market segment. That said, there is nothing remarkable about Spaten that would lead me to seek it out in what is a fairly competitive market.

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What is the alcohol content of Spaten beer?

5.2% abv. This beer is our specialty. In 1894 Spaten became the first brewery in Munich to produce this brand of light lager.

What does Spaten beer taste like?

It has a soft aroma of bready malts and hops. The taste is mild; light malts with notes of bananas. Light bitterness.

What is Premium Weissbier?

This beer is a Bavarian Weissbier type, i.e. it is brewed with at least 50% wheat malt. Today it is known in many countries. It has a blond colour with golden highlights.

Is Franziskaner beer cloudy?

What does Franziskaner Hefe- Weissbier taste like? A cloudy, amber colour with a thick, foamy head make Franziskaner Hefe- Weissbier just exactly how you want a wheat beer to look.

How do you serve Franziskaner?

Zesty, almost juicy taste. Sparkling, thirst-quenching and refreshing. Delicately bitter. Step 1: Franziskaner should always be served at 6ºC in its own unique glass which helps to preserve the beer’s aroma and create the perfect foamy head.

What does Franziskaner mean?

Franziskaner in German means: a Franciscan friar or.

Is Franziskaner bottle conditioned?

Smell: A musty, yeasty aroma with notes of clove and soft banana. Finish is a bit dry, grainy and yeasty. Notes: Unfiltered and bottle conditioned.

What is Franziskaner Hefe Weissbier?

Franziskaner Hefe – Weißbier Naturtrüb is a natural and elegant Weissbier from Bavaria with a lush white foam. The copper golden wheat beer unfolds with an aromatic fragrance and harmonious banana and citrus fruits.

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