Where is Blue Moon beer sold?

Blue Moon brewed at the Molson Brewery in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is sold in the US, as well as exported to Europe.

Does Walmart sell Blue Moon beer?

Walmart Grocery – Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Craft Beer, 12 Pack, 12 fl oz Bottles.

Is Blue Moon beer bad for you?

Blue Moon beer is a popular beverage, high in calories, and surprisingly nutritious. Blue Moon beer is a popular beverage, high in calories and surprisingly nutritious. Like other types of beer, it contains antioxidants and protein, as well as potassium, iron, magnesium and more.

Can I buy Blue Moon beer online?

Shop Blue Moon Beers – Buy Online | Drizly. Beer, wine and liquor delivered to your doorstep.

Is Blue Moon a girly beer?

This Blue Moon Belgian White beer is brewed with white wheat, oats, coriander, and orange peel to give it a citrusy edge. It’s generally served with an orange slice to help bring out the orange citrus flavor. To conclude, this beer is definitely more a girly beer than a sharp-tasting, concentrated beer.

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How expensive is blue moon?

The Blue Moon was sold for a record $48.5m (£31.7m) at the “Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels” auction in Geneva.

Does Costco sell Blue Moon beer?

Blue Moon Beer It’s Belgian -styled, as the name states. The beer has an ABV of 5.4% and an IBU of 9. Being an all-year-round brew, it’s one of the most common beers sold at Costco.

Can you get blue moon in a can?

To celebrate its 15th birthday, Blue Moon Belgian White beer introduced the Brewmaster’s Can, marking the first time Blue Moon is available in 12-ounce cans. The can features a liner to protect the beer’s flavor, which is made from white wheat oats, Valencia orange peel and coriander.

Does Blue Moon Light come in bottles?

Blue Moon Light Sky (12pk 12oz bottles ) – Cambridge Wines.

What is the healthiest beer to drink?

The Healthiest Beers You Can Drink

  • Amstel Light. Heineken.
  • Busch Light. Anheuser-Busch.
  • Natural Light. Anheuser-Busch.
  • Michelob Ultra. Anheuser-Busch.
  • Corona Premier. Constellation Brands.
  • Beck’s Premier Light. itemmaster.
  • Miller64. itemmaster.
  • Bud Select 55. Anheuser-Busch. Bud Select 55 was the lowest-calorie beer we could find.

What is the smoothest beer?

These are 10 of the best tasting beers —sample a few and try claiming that beer is still the worst.

  • Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.
  • Bud Light Lime.
  • Shock Top.
  • Landshark IPA.
  • Blue Moon.
  • Abita Strawberry Lager.
  • Miller High Life.
  • Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA.

What is the best beer in the world?

the ratebeer top 50

name style
1 Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch Stout – Imperial Flavored / Pastry
2 Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter Stout – Imperial
3 Westvleteren 12 XII Quadrupel / Abt
4 3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera Lambic – Unblended Jonge / Oude
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Is Blue Moon a craft beer?

Blue Moon Brewing Company is arguably “ craft beer’s ” most ubiquitous brewing operation, created in 1995, under the careful eye of what is now MillerCoors. The quasi- craft brewery does in fact brew other Blue Moon beers, seasonally, which now include: Summer Honey Wheat, Belgian Table Pils, and White IPA.

What does Blue Moon beer taste like?

Coriander aroma is slightly stale, bordering on artificial.” Flavor: “Good balance of acidity and malt background with a creamy mouthfeel. Coriander and some spicy pepper notes. Good balance of citrus orange sweetness with peppery and spicy flavor.

How many calories is in Blue Moon beer?

Blue Moon Belgian White (12 oz) contains 1.2g of carbs, 0.2g of protein, 0g of fat, and 14 calories.

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