Why is there a square on Sky Sports?

It means Gary Neville is coming back. The EPL insists sky watermark a subset of their subscribers at one time, then another subset and so on. This helps the rights owners track down the sources of piracy.

What is the symbol on Sky Sports Bottom right?

Heart symbol on Sky Sports. Noticed a small heart-shaped symbol in the bottom right corner of screen on all Sky Sports channels.

When did pubs get TVS?

PUB BITS: Televisions in Pubs, 1955.

What does the P stand for on Sky Sports?

As part of the relaxation of the rules broadcasters have to show a bold ” P ” logo before and after TV shows that involve product placement deals.

What does the number mean on Sky Sports?

At times you may see a 9 digit number on screen during live sports broadcasts. This is generated as part of the broadcast and is part of our Domestic Broadcast Security arrangements. This is not related to your individual subscription and is generated automatically as part of the broadcast.

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What is the white box on Sky Sports?

Re: White rectangle on screen @Matt258 It’s a watermark for copyright purposes, same as on the sports channels.

Why is there a number on my TV screen?

The seemingly random set of numbers that appears in a corner of the television screen are a part of anti-piracy measures taken by channels. The number you see on your screen is one that is generated uniquely for your region using an algorithm by the channel.

What is the number at the top right of Sky Sports?

The numbers (876 349 326) are displayed more than they are off, its across lots of channels not just sports, can’t get rid. Starting to spoil screen enjoyment having them displayed more than off.

Why do American bars have no windows?

Window = potential charges pending. By law, you have to have all patrons out, and all booze put away, by 2 AM (where I live). Now, after a stressful day, most bars will allow the bartender a “shift drink” before leaving. This is very common; it is also technically illegal.

What’s the oldest pub in the world?

Sean’s Bar is a pub in Athlone, Ireland, notable for its success in perpetuating claims of its being established around AD 900, which would make it the oldest bar in Ireland and possibly all of Europe.

Sean’s Bar
City Athlone
County Ireland
Website seansbar.ie

Who owns a pub?

A publican is a person who owns or manages a pub.

What does rating AA mean on Sky?

AA – Suitable for all audiences. NU 7 – Not recommended for children under 7. NU 12 – Not recommended for children under 12.

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What does P stand for on TV?

Add to Your Pages. Ofcom is responsible for the rules on product placement, including what can and can’t be shown on TV screens.

What does R stand for in TV listings?

( R ) is often used to indicate a Repeat.

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