How many liters are in a keg of beer?

Size & Volume Guide

Vessel Diameter Volume (When Using Nitro Bulbs)
10L Standard Keg 17.5cm 9.2 L / 38 X 8oz standard coffee
19L Cornelius Standard Keg 21.5cm 18.2 L / 76 x 8oz standard coffee
20L PET Fermenter Keg Jr 25.94cm N/A
35L PET Fermenter Snub Nose 38cm N/A

How much is a keg Australia?

Heaps! A 50 litre keg gives you about 175 pots or 118 schooners (175 x 285ml or 118 x 425ml glasses).

How much does a keg weigh Australia?

How Heavy Is a 50L Keg? The full keg weight of a 50 liter keg is 130 pounds, and its empty keg weight is 27 pounds.

How tall is a 50L Beer Keg?

NDL Keg – 50L Height: 532mm Diameter: 408mm Thickness: 1.5mm/2.0mm Requires sankey coupler and spear removal tool to operate.

Are kegs cheaper than cans?

A standard keg contains 15.5 gallons, or 1,984 ounces. cans (288 total ounces) and costs about $23. To get the same volume by ounce as a standard keg, you would need to buy seven cases of Budweiser for about $160 – resulting in over $55 in savings per keg.

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How many 24 packs of beer are in a keg?

A standard keg of beer, also known as a half barrel, is 15.5 U.S. gallons in size. Typically, a case of beer contains 24 bottles or cans. Convert Kegs to Cases.

kegs cases
6 41.333
7 48.222
8 55.111
9 62


How long can I keep a keg after tapping?

Since a picnic pump uses oxygen instead of carbon dioxide, a tapped keg will only last about 12-24 hours depending on the type of beer and how much oxygen was pumped into it. The oxygen will cause the beer to go flat and spoil quickly if you don’t finish the keg within that time frame.

What is a Pony Keg?

A quarter barrel, more commonly known as pony keg, is a beer vessel containing approximately 7.75 U.S. gallons (29.33 liters) of fluid. It is half the size of the standard beer keg and equivalent to a quarter of a barrel.

How much is a sixth of a keg?

1/6 barrel (20 Ltr) = 5.2 gallons = 41 pints = 55 12oz bottles (Sixtel)

How can you tell if a keg is stainless steel?

Sometimes kegs have information pressed onto them near the bottom skirt or the top. Like when they were made, material, capacity, etc. If you match a number on your keg to one of the following steel grades, then you’ve got a stainless steel keg.

How heavy is a full keg in KG?

Specifications for a U.S. 1/2 barrel keg
Height of keg 23.3 inches
Full keg weight 160.5 pounds (72.8 kg )
Empty keg weight 29.7 pounds (13.5 kg )
Beer weight 130.8 pounds (59.3 kg )
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How many points is a keg?

Simpson), a keg can hold 58.66 liters of beer, or 15.5 US gallons. That’s the equivalent of a whopping 165.3 standard-size (12oz) US cans.

How many 30 packs are in a keg?

A standard keg of beer, also known as a half barrel, is 15.5 U.S. gallons in size. Convert Kegs to Six Packs.

kegs six packs
30 826.67
40 1,102.2
50 1,377.8
100 2,755.6


Can I buy a 50L keg of beer?

We have received several enquiries asking if it is possible to buy a keg for a home bar. Yes, you can but please bear in mind: A keg, whether 20L, 30L, or 50L size is a lot of pints!

How much is a half keg?

For example, the most common half -barrel keg has equal beer as 165 of 12 ounces (0.35 l) bottles while a popular sixtel (sixth barrel) replaces only 55 bottles.

Different beer keg sizes
Size Volume Average price
Half barrel 15.5 gallons (58.7 l) $200
Quarter barrel 7.7 gallons (29 l) $100 to $150

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