Is Spaten beer good?

Spaten Premium Lager is a reasonable beer. It is highly drinkable and fairly similar to other beers in its market segment. That said, there is nothing remarkable about Spaten that would lead me to seek it out in what is a fairly competitive market.

Who distributes Spaten beer?

SPATEN / FRANZISKANER – Bond Distributing Company.

What type of beer is Spaten?

This beer is our specialty. In 1894 Spaten became the first brewery in Munich to produce this brand of light lager. Golden in color with a well-balanced hop-flavor. Registered Customers.

ABV 5.2
Brewery Spaten -Franziskaner-
Style Dortmunder – Helles


Who sells Spaten Oktoberfest?

Kroger – Spaten Oktoberfest, 6 bottles / 12 fl oz.

What does Spaten beer taste like?

It has a soft aroma of bready malts and hops. The taste is mild; light malts with notes of bananas. Light bitterness.

What beer is popular in Germany?

The most popular beer brand in Germany is Beck’s, founded and brewed in the northern German city of Bremen. This was followed by Krombacher from Krombach and Warsteiner from Warstein. All three brands produce a variety of beers and beer -based drinks, as well as non-alcoholic beer.

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What is the alcohol content of Spaten beer?

5.2% abv. This beer is our specialty. In 1894 Spaten became the first brewery in Munich to produce this brand of light lager.

Is Spaten a pilsner?

Bottom fermented pilsner style beer. Very elegant, pale in color, dry and hoppy. Its crisp clean taste is due to the extra fine Bavarian hops.

Is Franziskaner good beer?

Pours beautiful golden with amazing head. Smells of banana aroma. Taste is classic Weissbier. A great beer overall!

Is Franziskaner a lager or ale?

Registered Customers

ABV 5.0
Hop Rating
Brewery Spaten- Franziskaner –
Style German Hefeweizen
Food Pairing This Hefeweizen style beer is best paired with German cuisine or salads, fish, and shellfish. It will also pair well with tangy style cheeses such as Brick, Edam and Feta.


Is Spaten Oktoberfest a lager?

It is a pleasant lager with some nice malt flavors but the lack of a sharp crisp hop finish really hurts it in my opinion. Purchased a wonderful Spaten mix-case at Costco. I got this beer on my quest to drink as many Oktoberfest / marzen lagers as I could.

What is the best Oktoberfest beer?

The Best Oktoberfest Beers to Welcome the Fall

  • 1 Jack’s Abby Copper Legend. Jack’s Abby.
  • 2 Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen. Courtesy Ayinger.
  • 3 Paulaner Oktoberfest. Courtesy Paulaner.
  • 4 Schilling Konstantin. Courtesy Schilling Beer Co.
  • 5 New Glarus Staghorn. New Glarus.
  • 6 Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest.
  • 7 Hi-Wire Zirkusfest.
  • 8 Surlyfest.

What is the alcohol content of Spaten Oktoberfest?

5.9% abv. Our Oktoberfest Beer, created in 1872, is the world’s first Oktoberfest (Ur- Maerzen ) beer, brewed for the greatest folk festival in the world.

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Is Spaten Oktoberfest available year round?

Unlike many seasonal brews, Spaten Oktoberfest is brewed year round and imported year round.

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