How do you poke holes in earrings?

How to turn plastic stuff into earrings:

  1. Center your object on the cutting mat and mark where you want the hole to be.
  2. When poking a hole in a plastic or rubber object, your best bet is to use a hot needle.
  3. Open up a jump ring, stick it through the hole, slip an earring hook onto the jump ring, and close it.

How do you make soda tab earrings?

How to make earrings with your soda tabs

  1. Get a thin piece of cardboard and fold it a few times.
  2. Take your tab and turn it upside down.
  3. Do the same thing to the bottom.
  4. After making the holes your tab may look like this depending on where you put the holes:)
  5. Open the hoop with your pliers.
  6. You can add beads and an Origami Lucky Star.
  7. Beads and a Paper Bead.

How do you punch holes in metal bottle caps?

Place a small, thin nail near the top of the bottle cap, as close to the edge as possible. Hit the head of the nail with a hammer. You will be punching the hole from the inside. Poke a head-pin through the hole.

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